We created Seven Sisters Publishing out of necessity. There is a noticeable lack of diversity within young adult novels, leaving a large group of teens and young adults underrepresented and unable to find books they can relate to. We feel there are so many stories to be told and many authors whose voices still need to be heard.


We wanted to help foster those voices.

Chief Executive Officer

Martina created Seven Sisters after her experience publishing her own books exposed a clear lack of variety in the YA publishing world. Together with Melissa and Cassandra, she decided to pursue her own publishing venture where she could find authors to help bring those missing works to life.


When she's not in the writing cave or running 7S, you can find her reading or binge watching Netflix with her teen daughters and their cats.


Chief Financial Officer

Cassandra joins Seven Sisters with twenty years of bookkeeping and business management experience. She's very passionate, detail oriented, and even a little O.C.D. at times, making her the perfect person to keep track of all our checks and balances.


When she's not crunching numbers,

she enjoys crafting, party planning, organizing, and spending time with her husband and their beautiful toddler son.


Creative Director

Molly teams up with Seven Sisters as our Creative Director and expert on branding. A graduate of Regents University in London, she has a BA in the digital arts, giving her the foundation for starting her own freelance design company, which specializes in award-winning book covers and marketing materials for traditionally and self-published authors.


As well as managing the design side of things for two small press publishing houses, Molly is also an author.


Marketing and PR Consultant

Amber is the owner and operator of Lady Amber’s Reviews & PR. Amber started out as a blogger doing book reviews and then saw the need for help in the indie community. Frustrated after seeing amazing books by some of the most talented authors not getting the recognition they deserved, she decided she wanted to do something to help make a difference.


As a blogger, tour coordinator, event host, and now writer, Amber finds herself loving the life of a book nerd and branching out into marketing and PR.


Ezri works as a teenage author, occasional editor for a Nigerian publishing house, PA, and intern for Seven Sisters. She’s ecstatic to be a part of such a great team and sees immense value in the publication of strong female characters and LGBTQ+ representation in the Young Adult community.


Ezri is currently pursuing a neuroscience baccalaureate and a PHD in clinical psychology as she fangirls over her favorite authors and continues to write.

Freelance Illustrator

Arnild is a freelance artist from the Philippines who's worked with indie authors such as Martina McAtee, Raye Wagner, and Ednah Walters to create coloring books and graphic novels inspired by their books. He has a BA in Visual Communications and is a bookworm with a love of urban fantasy.


Arnild has agreed to partner with Seven Sisters to help create unique and inspired illustrations for our authors.

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